Tying with Deer Hair

Tying with Deer Hair

Part 1 – The Tools

A quick primer on the tools you’ll need if you want to start tying deer hair bugs for bass, pike and other predators. This video covers thread, essential tools and some optional extras. GSP Thread, heavy duty scissors, double edged razor blades, hair packers, leg pullers hair stackers, hot tip and the bend-a-blade.

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Part 2 – Hooks and Hair

In part 2 of the deer hair primer. In this instalment I’m looking at choosing hair and the hooks I like to use. Hopefully you’ll now feel a bit more confident in the materials you’ll be using before we move on to simple techniques in the next part.

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Part 3 – Spinning Hair

The third instalment of the deer hair series looks at spinning hair, this technique is ideal for tying simple single colour or striped hair bugs, muddler minnows, salmon bombers and even wets and dries.

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