Dawn’s Friend’s White Bait Pattern

Dawn’s Friend’s White Bait Pattern

As tied by Paul Fedeles

Dawn's friend's white bait fly
Dawn’s friend’s white bait fly


  • Hook – Size 6 or 8
  • Thread – Invisible thread
  • Tail and Body – 6 to 8 strands of Crystal flash
  • Eyes – Small Spotlight bling eyes ($3)
  • Body coating – UV resin
  • Finisher Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails


  1. Cover hook with thread, secure with half hitch and a little Sally Hansen’s Hard-as-Nails.
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Spinning Deer Hair

Spinning Deer Hair

Properly spinning and shave-shaping deer hair is one of the most challenging in fly tying, but the fish attracting successes of patterns utilising it make it an imperative to learn “how”.

Patterns using the spun deer hair technique are generally large and also fairly involved, which tends to intimidate many tyers.

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